Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hit List

And when it comes to winter, let me tell you something about snowhoeing. I used to love winter time when I was a kid... you know getting out with my sister, building snowmen, sliding on ice slides created by older kids. I also loved skating and downhill skiing. Then I got older and started travelling.

I got to places with no mountains and very little snow. Sadly I had to say good bye to loved winter sports. Then I moved to Washington State and winter recreation once again entered my mind. One of my friends mentioned she always wanted to try snowshoeing. "Snow what?" I asked and she explained about this sport she heard of where you strap on type of platforms and they allow you to walk on snow, even if it's several feet deep. My eyes got wide, and I mean really wide. It sounded just like extending hiking season into winter time. How much better can life get!

The idea was planted and it was poking me until I rented snowshoes one weekend and headed out for the very first of many snowshoe trips. I loved every minute of it and just thinking of all the wonderful places these dorky looking things on my feet can take me to, was extasic. My feet were twitching all week long, so ready to get out to that white peacefull winter wonderland again.

I learned about variety of exciting places to go and gained some winter backcountry skills that let me travel to those places as safely as possible. And what kind of scrapper would I be if I hadn't made my top trails list into a layout?

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